Net Neutrality Day of Action


Network Neutrality, a founding principle of the Internet, is the concept of online non-discrimination. “It is the principle that consumers/citizens should be free to get access to—or to provide—the Internet content and services they wish, and that consumer access should not be regulated based on the nature or source of that content or service. Information providers—which may be websites, online services, etc., and who may be affiliated with traditional commercial enterprises but who also may be individual citizens, libraries, schools, or nonprofit entities—should have essentially the same quality of access to distribute their offerings. ” (ALA,

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed undoing the 2015 net neutrality rules and is accepting public comments on this measure.  In response, July 12 has been declared a Day of Action. Over 100 popular websites will display a message informing people what Net Neutrality is and why it is important.  This message will prevent people from viewing the normal site until they either fill out the comment form and submit it to the FCC or click away.  Some sites which will display the message include the American Library Association, Netflix, Twitter, and Amazon.  Google and Facebook are participating.

Find out why Net Neutrality matters at


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