Art History MA candidate symposium


This Friday (May 25th), the UC Davis Art History Program will hold its annual MA candidate symposium under the title “Aesthetics and Affects in Ages of Crisis.” Six candidates will present their final thesis research:

Sheena Campbell: “Little Venus in a Blue Armchair: Reclaiming Mary Cassatt’s Avant-Garde Gambit”
Monica Butler: “Chinese Painting Translated: Lang Jingsan’s Composite Photographs and the Creation of a Modern Chinese Art, 1934-1949”
Kamal Zargar: “Art as Power: Exhibitions of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 1999-2005/2009-2012”
Nicoletta Rousseva: “A Parallel Space, A Common Space: Rethinking Sovereignty through the Work of Alban Muja”
Geoffrey Wildanger: “Andrea Fraser and the Affects of Catastrophe”
Anne-Catherine Titus: “Paul Delaroche’s ‘Execution of Lady Jane Grey’: Restaging History”

The symposium will be held in the Art Annex (TCS Building), Main Room from 1-4 pm. This event is free and open to the public. Symposium poster available here.

Congratulations 2012 MA graduates!


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