Artist Mike Kelley, 1954-2012


More Love Hours: Wages of Sin, 1987

Post-Conceptual artist Mike Kelley died in his Los Angeles home on Wednesday. Kelley was an unorthodox artist who started his career in Detroit with the proto-punk band Destroy All Monsters before moving to LA to study with John Baldessari and Lauri Anderson at Cal Arts. Kelley, who continued to mix media / disciplines throughout his career, was known for his large mixed-media installations. He had solo shows at the Whitney and LACMA and participated in Documenta X in 1997.
For those interested in exploring Kelley’s work, the VRF has a copy of “Day is Done,” Kelley’s video installation at the Gagosian Gallery in 2005.
Obituaries: New York Times, LA Times, ARTINFO, and CalArts. Listen to “Mike Kelley: a Conversation with Art21”

We’re living in the post-modern age, the death of the avant-garde. So all I can really do now is work with this dominant culture and flay it, rip it apart, reconfigure it, expose it.
—Mike Kelley

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