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Christo’s ‘Over the River’ blocked again

February 2, 2012

Christo’s  project to install 5.9 miles of fabric over 42-miles of the Arkansas River has been dealt another set-back. From the start,“Over the River” has had a number of detractors, most expressing concern over the potential environmental risks posed by the installation. The Colorado Wildlife Commission voted in May against the project. It wasn’t until November that the Bureau of Land Management actually gave “Over the River” permission to move forward.

The latest block comes from University of Denver law students suing on behalf of Rags Over the Arkansas River (ROAR), a group concerned with the environmental dangers that could result from such a large scale project in a sensitive area.  They describe themselves as an organization “dedicated to preserving and protecting the headwaters of the Arkansas River, the Bighorn Sheep Canyon, its inhabitants and the communities that depend upon them. Our founding project has been to formally oppose Christo and Jeanne Claude’s “Over the River” project. This project involves suspending horizontal fabric panels within a 45 mile stretch over the Arkansas River’s Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Hence the name ‘Rags Over the Arkansas River.'”

Christo, who is hoping to complete “Over the River” in August 2014, is required to put several mitigation measures into place for local wildlife including bighorn sheep and birds. (source: “University of Denver Law Students Sue to Block Christ’s ‘Over the River’ Project,” Huffington Post)