Occupy Wall Street occupies NYC museums


On October 20th, Occupy Museums, with the approval of Occupy Wall Street’s Art and Culture Group, took on 3 New York City art museums (MoMA, the Frick and the New Museum) as a protest to the “intense commercialization and co-optation of art.” Their manifesto states that the “artists of the 99%” will no  longer accept the “equation of art with capital” and the cultural authority of leading museums — “Temples of Cultural Elitism” — which have turned “beloved institutions into corrupt ratings agencies or investment banking houses-stamping their authority and approval on flimsy corporate art and fraudulent deals.” Occupy Wall Street has inspired campaigns other than Occupy Museums: Occupy Writers which is backed by authors such as Salman Rushdie, Ann Patchett, Alice Walker, Lemony Snicket, Margaret Atwood and Barbara Ehrenreich, and Occupennial, another Occupy Wall Street art group, which has offered their support and endorsement of the Occupy Museums actions on the 20th.
To read the full manifesto, go to Paddy Johnson’s blog (Art Fag City).
To read more about Occupy Museums Oct. 20th event, go to ARTINFO’s blogs by Kyla Chayka, Paul McLean and Ben Davis; Huffington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, Art Fag City.


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