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Neutra’s Kronish House saved?

August 24, 2011

Richard Neutra’s Kronish House has been temporarily spared from a planned demolition until October 10 to give the local community time to present a restoration plan. In April, the historic Beverly Hills house was sold as a $14 million ‘tear down’ but pressure from theĀ  community as well as the LA Conservancy, American Institute of Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, stalled the demolition plans of the new owners. To stay up-to-date on this story, follow the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design blog and biography of media coverage. Take a photographic tour (via Curbed Los Angeles) of the Kronish House as it exists today in its run-down condition.
(sources: LA Now, August 3, 2011; ArchDaily, August 18, 2011)

Change to ARTstor downloading procedures

August 24, 2011

This past Monday, ARTstor modified its log in requirements: all ARTstor users are now required to log in to download images regardless of their IP address. Before August 22, UCD campus users could download images without registering; now, all campus users will be required to register and then log in. Registrations made at public terminals will expire at the end of each day.
Other recent changes include batch download to PowerPoint, mouse-over to view larger images, and compatibility with Firefox 5.