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New web portal for recovery of Nazi-era cultural property

May 12, 2011

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of several archival institutions and the Holocaust International Resources, a new web portal designed to assist the public access records and information debuted┬álast week. The International Research Portal consolidates access to several collections, among them the Bundesarchiv, the Commission for Looted Art and the US National Archives and Records Administration, linking “researchers to archival material consisting of descriptions of records and, in many cases, digital images of the records that relate to cultural property that was stolen, looted, seized, forcibly sold, or otherwise lost during the Nazi-era.” The property documented ranges from artworks, religious objects, archival documents and libraries.

Discover Yale Digital Commons

May 12, 2011

Yale University has announced that they will provide free access to the millions of items housed in their museums, archives and libraries through their newly developed catalog Yale Digital Commons or YDA. So far, Yale has digitized slightly over 250,000 of its 1.5 million items. Yale’s collections are broad ranging and deep — from vertebrate zoology to hand-written Mozart compositions. Users can search by institution (the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Art Gallery, Library and Center for British Art), by creator, document type (ie. animals, coins, prints), topics (ie. landscape, Tanzania), era and more. Yale is the first of the Ivy Leagues to make its collections freely available and it hopes this approach will encourage scholars to look to their collections for inspiration. At this point, Yale is not placing any limitations on use of the digital images YDA makes available.