The latest on Ai Weiwei


Ai Weiwei

If you are following the situation surrounding the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, the art blog Hyperallergic: Sensitive to Art & its Discontents is regularly posting updates on his status as it is made known. If you haven’t been tracking the story, here is a quick synopsis: Beijing artist Ai Weiwei was arrested and detained by Chinese police at the Beijing airport on April 3rd. The artist has not been heard from since. His studio was raided and hundreds of objects (notebooks, electronic equipment etc.) have been confiscated; his studio continues to be guarded by the police. His wife Lu Qing and 8 studio assistants were also detained and questioned but have been released. This is not the first time the provocative artist has had run-ins with the Chinese government: in late 2010, Ai’s Shanghai studio was demolished and Ai was one of several liberal intellectuals placed under travel restrictions after Liu Xiabo was awarded the Nobel Prize.
If you want to learn more about Ai Weiwei, take a look at: Ai Weiwei answers visitors questions on Politics and Society at the Tate Gallery, Alison Klayman’s Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, and Ai Weiwei’s TED film.

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